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the world of music (new series) is an international scholarly journal dedicated to reporting and reflecting current theoretical perspectives on and research in the field of the world's music and dance.

While every issue is designed to focus on a specific topic, the world of music (new series) does not confine its attention to any single region or methodological approach. We publish original, and sometimes challenging, contributions from all over the world, aimed at musicologists and musicians, dance researchers, anthropologists, cultural studies and post-colonial studies scholars, and others.

The articles contained in the world of music (new series) are informed by a variety of theoretical perspectives but devoted to a shared goal: understanding the musics of the world, their histories, and their manifold contexts. It is our aim to generate a productive and creative dialogue between music researchers in disparate locations and contexts.


Our current issue is:

.:: Sharing Space? Sharing Culture? Applied Experiments in Music-Making Across Borders
the world of music (new series) Volume 7, Issue 1/2 (2018)

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