Welcome to the new the world of music (new series) homepage. If you’re familiar with our previous website, there’ll be a lot that feels familiar around here. In fact, most of the old website’s content has migrated to this website. But we’ve also added a few new features, most notably perhaps the insideWoM section. Here, a group of wonderful young scholars – Rasika Ajotikar, Charissa Granger, Juan D. Montoya Alzate, Cornelia Gruber – will provide supplemental content relating both to the journal’s past and current issues and current debates in the field. For each new issue, we will publish an inside WoM interview with the issue’s guest editor(s), which we hope will open additional perspectives on the themes brought up in the issue itself. Additionally, we will also offer other contributions every now and then, including short contributions addressing current scholarly debates and pressing current issues. If you would like to contribute to the insideWoM section, you’re welcome to contact us. 

Adding the insideWoM section is in keeping with the journal’s general philosophy. We’re an international peer-reviewed journal publishing contributions from all over the world and across academic cultures, making room for a multiplicity of intellectual perspectives and appreciating the many different ways in which thinking through music can yield fresh insights into overarching scholarly and political debates. At the same time, all contributions share the same goal: to better understand the musics of the world, and to foster a productive and creative dialogue between scholars in disparate locations and intellectual contexts. Needless to say, then, you’re welcome to share insideWoM content with anyone you think might be interested. 

–Birgit Abels