Introducing our new book reviews editor, Sebastian Hachmeyer

I am very pleased to announce that, effective issue 10 (2021): 1, Sebastian Hachmeyer joins the the world of music (new series) team as the journal’s new book reviews editor. Dr Hachmeyer is a human ecologist and ethnomusicologist specializing in ecomusicology, music and environmental studies, and the anthropology of music and the environment. He received his PhD in Music (Ethnomusicology) and Geography (Environmental Geography) at Royal Holloway University of London (United Kingdom). His interdisciplinary PhD thesis “Musical Bamboos: Flute Making, Natural Resources, and Sustainability in the Bolivian Andes” addresses urgent issues related to the sustainability of native woody bamboos used in wind instrument making.

Dr Sebastian Hachmeyer

Sebastian is currently employed as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Göttingen’s Musicology Department. His current work explores music and climate change in Micronesia. Sebastian’s contact details are available here.

Sebastian Hachmeyer takes over from Dr Eva-Maria van Straaten, who has served as the journal’s book reviews editor for several years. We would like to extend our warm appreciation to Eva-Maria for her contributions to the journal, and thank her for her past commitment.


–Birgit Abels